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Introduction / Summary

Women have a critical role to play in CVE – one that has not always received the attention it deserves. The GCTF seeks to bring greater focus on this issue by developing good practices on how women can be most effectively integrated into CVE efforts, beginning with the initial stages of program design and policy development.

When women are brought into the fold in a way that upholds their human rights, counters gender dynamics in radicalization, avoids stereotyping, and ensures their security when partaking in CVE efforts, it lays the groundwork for effective counter narratives, successful disengagement of female extremists, and genuine trust-based partnerships.

Research has shown that women, especially mothers, carry authority within their families and communities which can translate into positive influence against violent extremism. Practitioners repeatedly observe that women are the gatekeepers to their communities and, as such, should be involved in creating and maintaining CVE initiatives.

In related fields, the involvement of mothers has been shown to help reduce gang recruitment, while integrating women into police forces can help limit excessive use of force, reduce community tensions and provide opportunities to access marginalized communities.

Good Practices Breakdown

  • Good Practice 5

    Prevent and address the direct and indirect impacts of violent extremism and terrorism on women and girls. Violent extremist and terrorist groups often target women and girls for gender-based viol... Read More

  • Good Practice 6

    Involve men and boys in mainstreaming gender, advancing women and girls’ participation in CVE, and inclusive efforts to prevent and respond to violent extremism. The full and active engagement of ... Read More

  • Good Practice 7

    Include gender-sensitive monitoring and evaluation in CVE policy and programs to enhance effectiveness. The effectiveness of all CVE efforts will be enhanced by integrating a gender perspective an... Read More

  • Good Practice 8

    Build and use evidence-based approaches to identify and effectively address the factors that lead to women and girls’ involvement in violent extremism and terrorism.  Analyses of the varying ... Read More

Latest Initiatives

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This section will be used to highlight key initiatives being led by governments around the world which are advancing the GCTF’s lifecycle initiative