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This section will be used to highlight key initiatives being led by governments around the world which are advancing the GCTF’s lifecycle initiative

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For contact information for these or other experts please reach out to the GCTF Admin Unit
  • David H. Schanzer

    Mr. Schanzer is an associate professor at the Duke Sanford School of Public Policy, as well as the director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security. His areas of expertise are nation...

  • Adrian Cherney

    Mr. Cherney is an associate professor at the University of Queensland, whose work focuses mainly on institutional legitimacy and cooperation with authorities, such as police officers and overnment off...

  • Deputy Chief Michael Downing

    Chief Downing of the LAPD is an expert in community policing in the context of counterterrorism, using a convergence strategy, as well as in counter-radicalization lessons that he learned during anti-...