The timing of reintegration efforts

  • Rehabilitation process should start as soon as possible - ideally from the moment the inmate enters the prison. Reintegration needs to begin prior to release and to extend into the post-release period, merging into a carefully formulated and implemented aftercare regime.
  • The first months after release are critical; during imprisonment, inmates often experience social and psychological conditions that pose further challenges for their reintegration. This is particular true for violent extremists who are following a rehabilitation process. Many of them, when leaving prison, lack basic support (including emotional, financial, or familial support) and are more vulnerable to the extremist groups – who could take the opportunity of this lack of support to fill the gap. In this stage, the design and implementation of individual plans are of critical importance.
  • In some situations the rehabilitation efforts will continue for years after the release; they will need to include continuous monitoring activities as well as provision of assistance.