Role of other stakeholders

  • The role of the private sector could be explored and enhanced. The security of private actors should also be addressed. Some may prefer that their involvement not be made public.
  • In planning reintegration and aftercare programmes, governments should pay attention to both traditional and social media. They can have both positive and negative effect: for instance they could help to reduce stigmatization towards prisoners convicted on extremism related charges or, in reverse, to reinforce negative attitudes towards them; they could be used for counter narratives, but could also play a role in spreading propaganda.
  • Particular complex is the opportunity to involve former extremists in reintegration programmes. While their voices could be used to educate the public and for developing counter narratives, their involvement in reintegration and aftercare programmes should be carefully evaluated. It should aim to reinforce the reintegration of the formers as well as those they are helping.
  • In some cases, it may be better not to publicise the involvement of former extremists in order to protect them and their families.