Introduction / Summary

Addendum relating to elements of Good Practice of the GCTF’s The Hague-Marrakech Memorandum on Good Practices for a More Effective Response to the FTF Phenomenon and other relevant issues pertaining to RFTFs.

Good Practices Breakdown

  • Recommendation 1

    Ensure timely detection of, and intensify information sharing on, RFTFs within and between States. Sharing of concrete, timely, and accurate information is vital to identify and detect RFTFs. The m... Read More

  • Recommendation 2

    Use individual risk assessment tools that provide a basis for tailor-made interventions. In accordance with Good Practices 16 and 19 of the GCTF’s The Hague-Marrakech Memorandum12, States are encou... Read More

  • Recommendation 3

    Apply a case-by-case approach and address specific categories of returnees. In view of Good Practice 19 of the GCTF’s The Hague-Marrakech Memorandum13, States are encouraged to develop targeted and... Read More

  • Recommendation 4

    Invest and develop a close partnership with local government and local communities to deal with RFTFs (GCTF’s The Hague-Marrakech Memorandum, Good Practice 1914). States are encouraged to develop a... Read More

Latest Initiatives

Coming soon:

This section will be used to highlight key initiatives being led by governments around the world which are advancing the GCTF’s lifecycle initiative